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Twin Engine Mini Cooper

Twin Engine Mini Cooper

If your Mini Cooper hasn’t enough grunt then its a simple fix, build a Twin Engine Mini Cooper.  This one isn’t a simple fix but it sure does go.
Being a 2002 model it is BMW made as they bought it from British Leyland in 2000.  While BMW have kept the basic Mini design concept they have made it more into an upmarket type car and also offer a 4 door version. In 2011 BMW increased the engine from 97 cub in to 122 cub in with 141 hp.

The Mini first hit the road in 1959 and almost immediately had a huge influence on the car market as it was deemed impossible to fit so much luggage and people into such a small box of a car, and so the Mini firmly made its stamp not just as a family type car but also in rallying and racing, which lead in 1961 to the Mini Cooper and Cooper S being added.  These won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, 65 and 67.  Also came 1st in 1966 but was disqualified over a technicality regarding the headlights.  The Mini Coopers had a 1275cc engine and was fitted with fuel injection in 1992.

There has hardly been a rally or race meeting anywhere in the world since the 1960’s where the Mini hasn’t been entered and many meetings have Mini only events.  Considering  the body design is aerodynamically   like a brick it is amazing the performance some entrants get, although I have to admit BMW have managed to round it off a bit and those bigger wheels must help immensely with roadholding.

The way the controls are figured this car would have taken some sorting out, but well worth it as you will see in the video.