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Runge Cars Review

Runge Cars Review

This post is different.  Runge Cars Review is about a custom car guy, Christopher Runge who designs and builds Runge Cars using Volkswagen running gear, with the motor tweaked up to put out 115 horse power, up quite a lot from the original 40 hp.
It sounds it to,  especially from inside when travelling along.   As Christopher pointed out its a $10,000 sound system in the rear.

Each car takes about a year to build, working on it full time.  The shaping then welding the numerous body sections together alone will take a major amount of time before even thinking of starting on the rest of it.  Once all that is done there is still the polishing of the body, a very painstaking and lengthy job to do,  and just as much so to maintain if a highly polished finish is what you want.
There is the FF006 open sports car, the body built using 60 thousand of an inch aluminium, taking 5 10’x4′ sheets.   It is quite easy to see the Jaguar D Type influence in the design.
Its mate, the FF1007 design is more Porsche influenced, is a coupe and built using 50 thousands of an inch aluminium for the body.

It is interesting listening to Runge talking about how these cars have influenced his designs for these bodies.
He also shows Jay Leno his design for the next car, and this is quite different to these two.  Named the R2 it is certainly different and will be powered by a 285hp 3.6 flat 6 Porsche engine.
Combine this with its light weight and the car could well be a road rocket.

I took a few minutes to read some of the comments by viewers of the video as I was interested to see if anything was mentioned about getting through the red tape such as crash testing and emissions.  Glad I did as learnt a bit and is worth a read if you are concerned about a project.

Runge Cars will build a custom car to order, as well as restoration and panel fabrication.

Runge Cars have a very interesting website:

Thanks to Jay Leno and Christopher Runge for this report, most interesting.
Photos are screen shots from the video.