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Rare Cars Barn Find

Rare Cars Barn Find

This Rare Cars Barn Find is a real treasure trove of cars and everything else that Tom Cotter discovered,  right in Detroit.
Released just a week ago this barn find has been described as an “automotive Disneyland.”
Cars such as the one owner 1967 Ford Country Squire with a host of unusual extras.
In 1967 Ford made 952,553 automobiles of which 48,115 were 4 door Country Squires.
1149 had the 428-4V engine.  This one is truly a one-off as it is the only one Ford made with the 428-V motor coupled to a 4 speed manual gearbox.
Is interesting the only way this could be had was to make a special application which had to be signed off by a Ford Executive.

Attend to some rust, which seems to be more surface type, give it a new paint job and not too much else and you would have a rare machine in great driveable condition.
There are times when even earlier year cars than this are found that still have the original paint and in such good condition is would be sacrilege to even consider doing anything at all to it, but simply keep it as it is.
I understand that since this video was made some lucky person has snapped up the Ford Country Squire.

Entering a barn or property known to have a collection of older year vehicles for the first time must be exciting,  especially if they are covered over.
Mostly you wouldnt truly know exactly what was underneath the cover or in some cases junk,  or what its real condition is like until you could do a close inspection.
Better still sometimes you strike a gem and these are original owner cars waiting for some lucky person to buy and take home.

Check out this video to see more very collectible cars waiting for a new owner.

Special thanks to Tom Cotter for sharing this Rare Cars Barn Find video.
Photos are screen shots taken from the video.