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Muscle Cars Jay Leno’s

Muscle Cars Jay Leno’s Favourites

American car manufacturers made some real classic muscle cars during the late 1950’s -1960’s -70’s  and this video of Muscle Cars Jay Leno’s Favourites shows some of them.
Jay as we know is a great collector of cars and he certainly has some very unusual breeds amongst his collection, many of them beautifully restored and will hopefully be preserved for future generations to gaze upon and wonder what would these cars really have been like to drive and travel in.

We are lucky as today it is still possible to have a muscle car to enjoy and drive and not have to raise a mortgage on the house just to fill the tank with gas.
Derelict style cars are very popular and many of these are beautifully engineered with all the latest in technology.
Coming back to Jay Leno he discuss’ the favourite muscle cars he has in his collection.  Not all are stock  x factory as you will see, and obviously he is very proud of the 1966 Oldsmobile Tornado that has been highly modified and is propelled along the road at a great rate of knots by a twin turbo V8 putting out around a 1000 hp, while still being a nice car to drive.

Quite different from the  x factory muscle car of the day which often could, and would be,  a real handful to control if one stepped on the go pedal too hard especially if the road surface was a tad dicey.
These cars were meant to go, preferably in a straight line.  No such thing as traction control and abs brakes, and in my experience on a damp road if a limited slip diff decided to swap whichever wheel for the other it could immediately with no warning turn the car into a cat chasing its tail.  Exciting  stuff – sometimes.

My favourite car in this line up is the Buick, but check the Oldsmobile’s wheels.

Special thanks to Drive and Sean Evans, plus naturally Jay Leno.
Photos are video screen shots.