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LeMay Museum

LeMay Museum

The LeMay Museum, this is surely a car enthusiast’s dream come true. I hope this 35 minute video will get you excited enough to put this awesome LeMay museum onto your must see list.
It is one thing to see it on video, but entirely different to be there is person, see it first hand and experience the atmosphere.
Even if the video it is a full walk around tour like this one.

Special thanks to USAutos98 for the video and history. Photo is from the video.

Harold “Lucky” LeMay’s legendary car collection is widely regarded as one of the largest and the best car collections in the world, which he started from his earnings as a successful businessman. Shortly after LeMay graduated high school, he started in an automotive business, when someone lended him a garbage truck. With this truck, LeMay started Spanaway Garbage Collection Company, which later became Harold LeMay Enterprises. His refuse company became one of the largest in the Tacoma, Washington area. LeMay went on to make a fortune with Harold LeMay Enterprises, as well as other companies such as Lucky Towing, Helm Trucking, and Lucky Sales & Services. With the money he made off his businesses, he purchased cars, trucks, motorcycles, and memorabilia, eventually owning one of the largest private automobile collections in the world. At its peak of the collection, LeMay owned over 3,000 cars! Despite his success and wealth, LeMay was known to be a down-to-earth and kind man. LeMay Museum,
is one of 2 America’s Car public exhibits that preserves LeMay’s legacy, and houses around 350 of the LeMay’s automobiles. Another property in Marymount, the LeMay Family collection, houses an additional 500 of LeMay’s automobiles.
Harold LeMay was born 1919, and died in year 2000.  The LeMay Museum is a Collection of automobiles that in 1997 was listed in the Guinness World Records book as the largest privately owned car collection in the world.  What a legacy to leave the world for future generations to marvel at, going forward say 50 or 60 years onwqards.
Car museums are now spread in and around just about every civilized country in the world, both large and small, and once established they also attract rare cars on loan from the owner.
In many cases this is a means of having safe storage while allowing visitors the pleasure of seeing a rare vehicle.
General Motors have their museum, as do many other manufacturers.  Jay Leno has a great collection of cars many of which his team of craftsmen restore.
Harley Davidson motorcycles are up there too.
Southwards Museum in New Zealand has one of the largest collections in the world, with many very very rare cars and motor bikes on display.
Like Jay Leno Southward Museum employ a team of craftsmen constantly with restoration projects on the go.