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La Bestioni

La Bestioni

Is time for a car with a difference,  this 1919 La Bestioni was originally an American Fire Truck,  was rescued as a pile of junk but mostly the chassis and running gear in good condition still, and then turned into what I guess you would call a racer.

A monstrous one at that, 20 feet long, high as, and going by the video great fun to drive. The engine is  14 L, or 900 cub in, has C heads 4 valves per cylinder with twin cams, one each side of the motor so the inlet valves are on one side of the cylinder block, exhaust valves on the opposite side.  There are 24 spark plugs as has both magneto and coil spark. Final drive is by massive chains driving equally massive wheels and tires.

Original parts are used wherever possible with some upgrading like power steer, disc brakes on the front and modern electronics.   Maximum rpm is 1400 and this car is good for 100mph.  Pretty good for an almost 100 year old.
I couldnt find any technical details relating to a LaBestioni Fire Truck, but old La France photos looked identical. La France were a long standing American Company who manufactured fire trucks from 1832 till 2014 when it closed for good due to bankruptcy.

I am sure you will enjoy this video and appreciate what the owner has achieved.

Special thanks to Jay Leno’s Garage and Gary Wales for this video and info.
Photos are screen shots from the video.

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