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Jay Leno’s Restorations

Jay Leno’s Restorations

Am sure you will agree that Jay Leno’s Restorations videos are very interesting  and there is at least one thing to be learnt from each one,  if not many.
Jay has a good team of dedicated guys working on his restoration projects and it is really pleasing to see there is no such thing as ‘that’ll do’.
It has to be spot on and this must be very satisfying for the guys too as they know they aren’t expected to compromise their standard of workmanship.

These 2 videos carry on from the last one and I have been very interested in progress on the Cunningham,  and also the 2 Brough Superior motorbikes.
One bike Jay has owned since the 1980’s and has ridden it a lot.  George Brough named his motorcycles Superior as he considered them superior to all other motorcycles available at that time, and he was right in that respect.  built from 1920 to 1940 with production averaging overall 145 bikes a year they were rare, and very expensive so only the rich could afford them.

Brough also made a car ‘Brough Superior’ from 1935 to 1939 with very distinctive styling. so much so he didn’t put a name badge on them as he considered them distinctive enough to be recognised.
Using Hudson engines and chassis he built about 85 with those built in 1935 -36 having the 4 L 8 cylinder engine but Hudson stopped supplying this engine not sure why-so all the later cars had the 6 cylinder 3.5L engine.  Perhaps Brough tickled the 8 cylinder a bit as its performance was quite brisk for those years, 0 – 60 mph in 10 seconds and top speed over 90mph.  Most had the drop head body, with the rest being saloons.
Broughs last car in 1938 was his own chassis design with a Lincoln V12 engine.  One only was made and I understand it still exists.
I have seen first hand the Brough Drop Head, a friend of mine back in the 1960’s bought a barn find and restored it, a truly beautiful machine and is where my interest in Brough first started,  plus later the film  Lawrence of Arabia.  Lawrence died riding his Brough Superior bike, he owned 7,  #8 was being built when he died.

August 2016 restoration update since the last video


November 2016 restoration update, lot of progress has been made.

Big thanks to Jay Leno’s Garage for these 2 updates and sharing his projects.