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Fords Of The 1950’s

Fords Of The 1950’s

If you are a Ford fan you will enjoy this video  Fords Of The 1950’s.  Even if you are not a Ford fan this video is still a good interesting watch.
The 1950’s saw a lot of changes in car styling and development, some really good, others best forgotten.
It was the start of the power decade, not just the horsepower race which I don’t think will ever end, but power options which became more perfected over time, and then were mostly standard issue on most makes of cars.

This video shows many of the makes and models Ford produced, and some that many people had forgotten about.  I can still remember as a young kid in the earlier 1950″s drooling over the new Ford V8 OHV and took every opportunity to look at the engine whenever I saw a hood up.
After WW2 Ford was behind its competition in car design, both mechanically and body and  it seemed that Henry had little or no desire to bring his cars more up to the modern standards of other manufacturers.
Had Tucker Cars survived it is quite possible Ford would have struggled as Tucker were so far advanced in car years.
The Ford ‘Fortyniner’ helped to turn Ford around, finally Ford had independent front suspension, conventional drive shaft and more up to date body design. It still retained the sidevalve V8 now with 100hp, and in 1951 the Twin Spinner model – referring to the grill shape- was released with automatic transmission available.
Ford finally had its OHV V8 in 1954 and at long last Ford was getting up with its competition.

Much the same applied to the British Fords.  the Ford Pilot 1947 – 51 was based on the Pre-war chassis and running gear.
The Popular, Anglia and Prefect remained very old fashioned almost to the end of 1950, but were cheap. At least until the British sales tax of around 50% was added.
Performance was non-existent,  the 8hp Anglia would take more than 38 seconds to reach 50 mph, the 10 hp Prefect was a bit quicker, it tested at 23 seconds.
In 1951 the Consul, Zephyr and Zodiac were released.  Body style looked like a smaller version of the Ford Fourtyniner , Consul had 4 cylinder and Zephyr/Zodiac 6 cylinder engines.
These, particular the Zephyr and Zodiac were very popular, and sold well in both Australia and New Zealand with both countries having their own assembly plants.


Even if not a Ford fan the adverts illustrate an interesting timeline of developments in the 1950’s that are so common today.

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