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Ford Model T

Ford Model T

The Ford Model T would have to be one of the classic of all classic cars.  First produced in 1908, 10 years later in 1918 half the cars in the United States was a Model T.
When production ceased in 1927 16.5 million Model T’s had been made, and today this number still stands as one of the top 10 of all vehicles ever made.

Henry Ford first started building cars in 1903 experimenting with several models,  but it was the revolutionery methods he used in the Model T production that put Ford firmly on the map as a vehicle manufacturer.
The Model T engine was a 177cub in 4 cylinder side valve of 20hp with a top speed of 45 mph.  It was reputed in 1908 to be the first engine to have a removable cylinder head, transmission was 2 speed and reverse, operated by 2 foot pedals plus the hand brake. Gas consumption was listed as 13 to 21 mpg.

Superseding the T, the Model A was produced from 1928 to 31, and the Model B from 1932 to 34.  The side valve V8 came into production in 1935, and variations of this motor continued right up to 1953.
Yes, Ford was slow to move with the times and there were occasions the company came close to floundering because of this. For example the release in 1949 of the Single Spinner saved Ford that time.

Full marks to Mitch Taylor for his detailed description video, now having close on half million views.