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Ford Model A

Ford Model A

Ford Model A came hard on the heels of the Model T,  but unlike the T it had a short production run from 1928 to 1931 as by now the public were getting used to manufacturers releasing newer models often on a yearly basis.

Almost 5 million  Model A’s were made, engine was 201 cub in, 40 hp with top speed 65 mph and would cruise sweetly at 50 mph.  No air cleaner was fitted and considering the dusty roads in those days do wonder at the life of the engine. The gas tank was mounted under the cowl with gravity feed, and I know for a fact that on long hills if gas was a bit low it would be necessary to go up in reverse to get gas flow.

The Model A came in several different body styles and prices ranged from $385 for a Roadster up to $1400 for the Town Car model.

The owner drove this one every day for a year, it makes for an interesting video.