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Elvis Presley’s BMW Restored

Elvis Presley’s BMW Restored

Watch as the BMW team dismantle Elvis Presley’s BMW then painstakingly make new parts and get it back together again in concours condition.
This is a 1957 BMW 507, a rare model with a hot engine that Elvis bought as a used car while doing his time in the Army.
For those of us who remember this while still young fans of Elvis,  Elvis being conscripted into the Army for his 2 years created quite a stir and controversy.
I can still remember the fuss, photos and news items when he was given his ‘army haircut’.

Anyway back to Elvis Presley’s BMW this car obviously has quite a history  due to its famous owner, then getting more and more neglected as time went on.
After all it is now 60 years old.
Just 252, plus 2 prototypes of the BMW 507 were built between 1956 to 59,  sales being so little BMW lost money on each one sold and it nearly bought BMW to its knees and bankruptcy.

Powered by a 3168 cc V8 with a 4 speed manual transmission, as a works car this 507  driven by Hans Stuck won several races.
It also featured in film shots and often used for the press to test drive.
Elvis drove it till March 1960 when he returned to the USA, the car also going to the USA.  Elvis actually owned two 507″s but I haven’t any details of the second one.
It went thru several owners, originally white was painted red, and modified to do more racing.
It then sort of disappeared as Jack Castor, an engineer, bought it in 1968 and stored it with the intention of restoring .
This never eventuated as Jack died in 2014, I guess one of those jobs he unfortunately didn’t get around to.

Watching the restoration guys at work is very interesting as they hand make parts of the body where required and then fit them into place.
Also the tools they used, nothing fancy here – just those you would expect to find in most car restores workshop perhaps with the exception of that large steel forming block.
I wonder how old that would be.
This restoration was done over a 2 year period, and was finished in time to be displayed at Pebble Beach and will be at the Concours d’Elegance where it will be handed over to long time friend of Jack Castor.

This 507 Roadster of Elvis Presley was for many decades regarded as a mystery on wheels.

Thank you to Car TV for this top class video.  Photos are video screen shots