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Drive In A Tucker

Drive In A Tucker

While featuring Tucker’s this will be as close as most of us will ever get to going for a drive in a Tucker.
This is the second car produced by Preston Tucker and he used it as his demo car.  Still runs smoothly and is said to give a comfortable ride and handle nicely.

The engine Tucker used is a Franklin alloy flat 6 from the WW2 Bell helicopter converted to water cooled.  Tucker actually bought Franklin in 1947 to gain this engine for his car, then foolishly cancelled all Franklin’s US contacts for manufacturing aircraft engines.
This was a very rash move considering although the Tucker car was a brilliant design it had many hurdles yet to overcome, and its subsequent failure resulted in accusations of fraud against Tucker.
Tucker continued to operate Franklin reverting it back to producing aero engines till 1961 when it was sold to Aero Industries.  In 1975 Aero Industries sold Franklin to the Polish Government who moved the company to Poland.

This video drive in a Tucker is interesting,  for a car of the year 1947 it is surprisingly quiet and smooth, the little electric gear shift seemed a joy to use and it worked fine with clean smart gearchanges.
I did notice the driver had the bad habit of driving with his foot resting on the clutch pedal, but worse didn’t know what the STOP painted on the road meant, three times.
I was conscious of this as where I live STOP means just that,  the vehicle must become stationary otherwise its a hefty fine.

Only a small number of Tucker cars were built which is a real pity because at that time they were a well advanced car compared with the other car manufacturers in America who for the remainder of the 1940’s after WW2 were reluctant to make advances in car design.  There are however loyal Tucker fans who have formed clubs and restored or rebuilt many of them.

Dont know what the mileage is or what this one is worth now, but in searching for new information heard one sold recently for over $3million.

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