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Darth Vader Custom Car

Darth Vader Custom Car

This Darth Vader Custom Car is a one off custom car that sure is different,  and be a whole lot of fun to own and drive. If only!
Presented by Jay Leno he talks at length with both the designer Bryan Benedict and then Billy Hammond the builder of this car, and finally goes on a road run to try it out.
Designer Bryan is very interesting to listen to as he explains to Jay how he goes about designing cars like this which are mostly the tiny Hot Wheels models, but then makes this one into a real live fully operational full size car that has been taken on display to many countries.
They really stirred things up in LA  when they did a promotional video shoot in the tunnel on 2nd Street,  hardly surprising when you look closely at this head turning car and I bet more than a few more turned when Jay took it for a run as in this video.

The car is based on a C5 Chevy Corvette with a LS3 V8 525hp motor with 6 speed manual, the body is fibreglass with some carbon fibre parts, and is not far short of being 50% lighter than the original Corvette body.
The wheels were milled specifically by US Mags with the tires special to the car with the Hot Wheels redline cut into them.
Top speed is estimated to be around 150 mph but has never been tried to that speed.

The body took 2 months to build, and having had a business in the fibreglass industry myself  I was very interested in this part of the video,. and seeing how they made the plug for the mould by carving out a block of polystyrene with what looked like a computer controlled router.
There are no doors, the hatch opens up like Darth Vader’s helmet visor, and the interior is fitted out how you would expect it to look in a car like this.

Inspired by although not in Star Wars, one of the great movies of all time.

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