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Customized Cars From The Past

Customized Cars From The Past

Looking at Customized Cars From The Past is always fascinating.
The cars don’t necessarily need to be from the past to be customized, they can be taken directly off the showroom floor.
There is no doubt though that the body style of cars made from the mid 1930’s through to the 1960″s lend themselves very nicely to customizing, and this particularly applies to American styled cars.
Pickup trucks too rate as popular, and there are some absolute stunning ones seen on the roads.

Most of these cars shown in this video are 1950″s and 60’s models, and they are all the result of some serious high quality panel work requiring hundreds, if not thousands in many cases, hours of work.
Customizing is a form of art that requires working with steel and tools, rather than paint and canvas, but both require the ability to transform an idea, sketch or vision into a completed object.
Peoples tastes vary and what one person will see as a object of beauty and appreciate the work and skill involved, another may not be impressed at all.  This is human nature and it would certainly be a boring world if we all liked the same.

The paint detailing on some of the cars shown here is quite fantastic and would have taken heaps of time in both planning and application.
Painting and the detailing that goes into some cars is like the icing on a cake, or the frame of a painting,  its objective is to complement and enhance the car – or the cake or painting – but get it wrong and even a superb customizing job can be spoilt.
I have seen many cars where the panel modifications and the paint job is superbly complimented by a pin stripping expert, a few strokes with his brush in the right spots and what a difference.

My favourite ?  Very hard to decide but if it came to reality probably the 4th car.
Which would you choose?