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Customized Car Lineup

Customized Car Lineup

Here is a great selection of designs in this Customized Car Lineup.
There is everything from seemingly minor but tasteful customizing to highlite the original  body features of the car, right up to the very radical custom car where it is near impossible to pick who the manufacturer was, and what year the car was made.

Many a customized car is in reality a work of art in designing the car and requiring a huge amount of skill in shaping metal, and equally huge amount of dollars in bringing the project to completion.
There is also the customized car that is made for a movie such as the Batmobile, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,  Darth Vader, and lots more.

No prize for naming the make of this car, but there are some here you might struggle with.

Special thanks to Samuel Cernuto for putting this video together.

Manufacturers  concept cars  are another form of customized cars which are produced often to judge the buying public and press reaction to its features prior to committing the design to being manufactured.
This makes a lot of sense when as an example you look at the publics reaction to the Chrysler Airflow,  and wonder would it have been the success it should have if it was introduced as a concept car first,  and its features presold to the public before release rather than doing this after in an attempt to generate sales.
Ford Edsel and the Chev Corvair were later examples of unjustified failure mainly due to rumours and bad publicity, which invariably snowballs once started.

The video below is the unveiling of the 2016 Cadillac Escala concept and when released for sale it will be interesting to see how closely it will be to the concept.

Concept cars are also a form of  custom car, the production version may differ.

Special thanks to CarTV for this preview.