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Custom Cars Thru The Ages

Custom Cars Thru The Ages

Custom Cars Thru The Ages is a video which is very very interesting and informative,  and beats most custom and hot rod car videos as it takes you thru customized cars starting from the 1920’s right up to 2013 with the many different styles and trends.
As one guy says ‘a customized car is a work of art, then you drive it around’.  What more could you want?

In this video are:

  • Several early film clips, famous customizers planning and working a car body, performance parts manufacturers like Edlebrock,  hot rods,  it’s all here.
  • During prohibition days cusomizing cars by putting hot running gear into a standard body then upgrading suspensions, brakes and wheels so could outrun the law became popular with the Southern Moonshiners for doing their deliveries of moonshine.
  • Then they would race their cars at weekends for some more $$,  which led to NASCAR being formed.
  • How a top chop is done on a Mercury.
  • The creation of pearl and metal flake paint.
  • Murials, pin stripes and custom paint jobs.
  • The creation of drag racing films.
  • Racing in the 1930’s, actual film clips.
  • Hydraulic suspensions, how these developed.
  • How Detroit almost ruined the custom car business
  • Drift racing starts in Japan, and grows.
  • A Honda Civic in 2005 does 195mph plus at Bonneville Salt Flats.

Plus lots more.  If you stop and think for a minute much of the above resulted from mostly trial and error, and in the early days of each often by backyard self-taught engineers because they wanted their cars to either go faster, handle better or to solve how to get around an issue introduced into law that was restricting their sport, or was about to.
Much of this became the foundation for many large successful business’s today,  and the formation of a great number of various specialized car racing venues.

Good movie footage here of Moonshiners, what they did to their cars and the forming of NASCAR.