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Custom Cars From The Past

Custom Cars From The Past

A large selection of photos by Samuel Cernuto of Custom Cars From The Past,  mostly 1940’s and 50’s models, but some from the 1930’s and 60’s, put together into a 11 minute video.
Must have taken him some time as many photos have different backgrounds.
You will see cars customized from mild to wild,  subtle to radical and beyond.
One thing for sure Samuel must have liked Chevs as there are many  early to mid 1950 models,  all individual and very nicely done.   But Chevs arent overdone as the there is an interesting selection of other makes as well to admire.

Customizing cars is an art,  and the cars themselves mostly become an absolute work of art representing a huge commitment of both time and money by the owner.
The big advantage of looking upon customizing cars as a form of art is you not only get pleasure by looking at it, but also showing the car to other interested people and driving it on the road.
Then comes the paint job which itself is artwork in a category all of its own.  You will see here some fabulous paint jobs which I am sure will inspire those with ideas of planning a custom paint job for their vehicle.

I wanted to pick a car that would be my choice if it were possible to do so,  but this time it was not an easy task.  I finally settled on the coupe showing at 2.28.
Why?  Because I have always considered that the flowing shape of the coupes made during the late 1930’s and early 40’s were the nicest ever, and while I much prefer them as original, it is surprising how a bit of imagination plus often a humongous amount of time and money can totally alter the appearance of a car,  just like the one I chose as my choice.  Note also the one piece windshield.


Looking at some of the panel and paint work there are people who have tremendous skills and talent.