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Compare Muscle Cars Old vs New

Compare Muscle Cars Old vs New

This video is to compare Muscle Cars Old vs New, and it is interesting to see the changes especially technology wise since the American muscle car first appeared in the 1950’s with Chrysler releasing their Hemi V8 engine.
Many of the muscle cars from the 50’s and 60’s in particular are now sought after classics, at least the ones that have survived are.
Apart from the many that were wrecked through coming unstuck on the road, TV programs like Dukes Of Hazard claimed hundreds of 1968-69 Dodge Chargers plus other makes,  for the junk yard.  I recall reading some time back over 2000 Chargers were wrecked, but not sure how true that would be.
Every episode of a total of 147 made would write off at least one, often two or more Chargers, and towards the end of the series the ’68 – ’69 Dodge Chargers were becoming somewhat scarce and expensive.  In the last few episodes Plymouth Fury“s were used also.

When you look at the power these cars could put out, and as there was no such thing as ABS or Traction Control back then, they would have been a real handful to control if pushed too hard, especially if the road conditions weren’t 100% in favour of the car and driver.
In this video there is plenty of tire smoke,  donuts and some almost out of control fish tailing to see, with all the cars in pristine condition.

There are some strong. hot ‘muscles’ in here

Thank you to Car vs Car  for this video. Photos are video screen shots.

If you are in the market for a muscle car here are 7 of the cheapest ones you will find, and their specifications.
Don’t write them off just because they are cheap compared to some others.  Like a lot of things once you get it sorted and going like you want you can go and have a lot of fun.

Is surprising what is available at very reasonable prices.

Car News TV produced this interesting video