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Cadillac Pickup Truck

Cadillac Pickup Truck

A forgotten project from the past,   a 1970’s  Cadillac Pickup Truck.

These were based on the Cadillac Mirage and are super smooth to drive.  204 of these were built over  a period of 2 years in the mid 70’s and sent out to various dealers who sold them to people who wanted a pickup which was seen to be upmarket.  About half were made with a small size side door which opened to a compartment behind the seat where golf clubs could be safely stored.

The pickup in the video below has been restored to a very high standard and is a credit to its owner. The wheels may not appeal to everyone but they are the owners choice and provided he likes them then that is all that matters.  The video has a very good commentary with plenty of action  and history details.

Click on this photo to watch the video and appreciate this vehicle.