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Bristol Fighter

Bristol Fighter

The Bristol Fighter is a very exclusive classic car from Bristol, a long term aircraft manufacturer in Britain who produced hand built luxury cars after WW2.

Their first car the Bristol 400 was introduced in 1947.  The company did this to help take up the slack from the big drop off in aircraft deemand now the war was over.
Production was low volume catering to a small market of enthusiasts.  For example the 405 was introduced in 1954 and 297 saloons and 43 drop head coupes were made when it was replaced by the 406 in 1958.  Regular model updates through to the 406 which was produced from 1958 to ’61.  These all used derivataves of the 2litre 6 cyl BMW engine.

After 1961 Bristol switched to the Chrysler V8 engine, then the 6.2 liter Chrysler in 1969 which was much more suitable as by now the cars were getting heavier

Here you can see Bristol’s history and come for a drive in a car you most likely havent ever seen.