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Classic Barn Find Treat

Classic Barn Find Treat

An Indiana estate sale with a Classic Barn Find that is an absolute treat.
This collection of 40’s, 50’s and 60’s classic cars have been kept in a heated barn and a garage since they were new.
See the video below.
Mileages showing are quite low and these cars still have mostly all original paint, a rarity in itself.
Certainly is a joy to see these after considering at what  could have been.

Too often very desirable cars are left in junk yards with doors open, often windows smashed and the weather doing its destruction on them to the stage where often they get to be close to or totally beyond restoration.  At the very best they are now only good for the few spare parts that are salvageable.

I can only imagine the joy the buyer of these 3 classics must have felt on first inspection, and I’ll bet it was a case of let’s get these home asap and into safe keeping.

With cars found in this condition I like the trend of lets clean them up,  do any necessary repairs and touch ups along with a good cut n polish.
Keep them in as original condition as possible and enjoy the experience.
I am not knocking those who will do a full restoration.  This requires a huge committment, an equal amount or more of $$$$, and often years to complete.  With many vehicles it is the only option.
When vehicles that have been well looked after and / or stored like these have what a great opportunity to keep it as original as possible.

The buyers could only be thrilled with what they have got here, beaut Cadillacs and a Studebaker

Many thanks to Rumple 70 for this video.  Photos are screen shots.
If anyone can comment on what happened to these cars I am sure a lot of people reading this would be keen to know, including me.