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70 Acre Car Find

70 Acre Car Find

You could get lost in this 70 Acre Car Find lot, and still not see all the cars, many of them classics.  Some are hidden away in sheds and barns, with many more out in the open.
Some complete, with much more being partly stripped but still holding good parts.

First impression when you start looking at this video is ‘ho hum-his is just another car junk heap’ but stick with it as there are some real gems to be seen here, and most are up for sale.
The gems include a rare 1927 Model T Roadster Pickup, 6 cylinder Jeepster – these came out just after WW2 and were a sports car version of the Jeep,  a 2 door 1957  Chevy pillarless coupe,  and so the list goes on.
There is a multitude of car lots similar to this throughout many countries, and America is certainly no exception.  To find them it is often just being lucky in being on the spot and having an owner who is happy for you to have a look around.  Not all owners will do this, some even telling you exactly what you can go and do.  This type are best ignored for their ignorance and walk away.

Complete very restorable and for sale. A rare find these days, a Chevy 2 door.

Thankyou to Tom Cotter The Barn Find Hunter for this video. Photos are from the video.

This collection is Turners Auto Wrecking at Fresno, California and Tom came across it while cruising around in his trademark the 1939 Ford Woodie.
I have looked for more info on this Woodie but no luck.  So Tom if you happen to come across this post would love to get some more info about your wheels.
There are lots superb Woodies out there,  here is a concours Chrysler,  a Studebaker custom,  and another Chrysler.
After WW2 Chrysler would have been to only manufacturer to build genuine Woodies in America, but they too had to go the veneer over steel way as production costs were just far too high.