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5 Forgotten Muscle Car Engines

5 Forgotten Muscle Car Engines

To follow up on my previous post, here is a very interesting video about the 5 Forgotten Muscle Car Engines from the golden era of the original muscle cars.
Just because these engines are classed as forgotten doesn’t mean they were duds, or not popular.  It is that they were mostly smaller block engines and didn’t have the appeal of their big block
brothers and sisters back in those days when big was mostly considered better.
How times have changed.

These forgotten muscle car engines werent slouches either being mostly in the 275 hp to 325 hp range with compression ratio’s in the low to mid  10’s, even as far as 11:1.
Because these engines were a lot lighter than the big block boys the same car would handle better,  and still return impressive 1/4 mile standing starts with times in the  13 second and 14 second bracket being common.
This is pretty good as even the most powerful of the big block models considered any time in the low 13 second range was excellent, and if anyone managed to get a high 12 second time they were ‘the man to try and beat.’

Early on in the muscle car era the manufacturers quickly realized this wasnt a passing fad,  but would be a real growth industry.
They were right of course and even today the demand is there, I can’t see the day any time soon when the likes of Corvettes, Mustangs and Chargers disappear from showroom floors
As a whole new muscle vehicle range the just released Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with its 707 hp supercharged engine, giving it a top speed of 180 mph,  and acceleration time of 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds could see the start of the Muscle SUV growth industry.
Jeep also has its slightly slower Hellcat version,  Mercedes has its AMG SUV,  plus we have recognised performance car manufacturers like Lamborgini, Porsche, Maserati and even Bentley having some pretty hot SUV’s available.
There is no doubt the SUV is a growth market, and these manufacturers can see they have a future in it which includes a range of Muscle SUV’s.
The same as the big 3 did back in the 50’s when they kicked off with the start of the muscle car

Anyone remember Pontiac’s forgotten motor, the 350 HO?  See it in the video.

Special thanks to OldCarMemories for putting this together.
Photos ar video screen shots.