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47 Chrysler Woody Rebuild Pt2

47 Chrysler Woody Rebuild Pt2

We are back in Griffey’s Rod and Restoration workshop for a progress update on the 47 Chrysler Woody Rebuild.
Scottie and Larry have quite a lot to discuss in this video, and those watching are going to learn more. Which is why I like videos as is much easier and better to be able to show than explain.

Since the first episode the body has been completely stripped,  fully braced and removed from the chassis.
As you will see it is on a rotating stand  – often wished I had had one of those – and most of the woodwork completed.
If you or anyone you know considering tackling the woodwork on a woody this is a good video to watch as Larry explains to Scottie what was involved and how they went about repairing sections.

Keep in mind this car was being restored to concours condition so everything had to be perfect as original.
Not easy with wood as no two pieces will be exactly the same,  and wood is always moving.  Consequently all laminating, joining and shaping must be well thought through and planned before starting.

Have a close look at the amount of temporary bracing fitted to the body prior to removal.  Any risk of movement must be eliminated otherwise when the body is refitted to the chassis there will be a major problem of doors for one being out of alignment.

Around 500 hours of work to get the wood to this stage.

Special thank you to ScottieDTV for this episode, photos are screen shots from the video.

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