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47 Chrysler Woodie Convertible

47 Chrysler Woodie Convertible

This featured 47 Chrysler Woodie Convertible restored in  Larry Griffey’s workshop is an absolute masterpiece of workmanship.
This model Chrysler Woodie is actually a full wooden body – apart from the rear guards – from the windshield back, and not a wood veneer over steel like subsequent models.
This, as you can imagine, meant rebuilding the wood was a slow pains-taking job as you will see from the video.
It was a body off the chassis project and rebuilding the wood part alone of the body took over 500 hours. It was fortunate the car was complete and the steel panels were in a reasonable state for a car that was near 60 years old.
This car has been restored to concours condition, and you need to watch this video to appreciate how Larry Griffey and his team went to the enth degree to ensure it was restored back to its original condition, even down to matching the type of stitching on the upholstery.

Engine is the 8 cylinder side valve 324 cub in 200 hp connected to the Chrysler Fluid Drive transmission.
This transmission is unusual, called a sort of 4 speed automatic with a clutch,  watch the video for a better description.
New the 47 Chrysler Woodie convertible cost $2700, and the total production of this very labour intensive model over 3 years of 1946, 1947 and 1948 was 8348.
Now a true classic automobile that I have reported on in a previous post, doing a Google search it is surprising how many post war Chrysler Woodies are for sale, and considering what some would have cost to restore,  prices fetched at auction seemed very reasonable.
Here is another post on a very rare Chrysler convertible   and this is a very entertaining video as well.

Keep a watch for my next posts where you are taken through this restoration’ go to wo’.

Big thank you to ScottieDTV for this video.