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1966 Lincoln Continental

1966 Lincoln Continental

Hows this for a classic, an all original one owner 1966 Lincoln Continental with 64,000 miles on the clock.
The lady who had owned this car from new came to see Jay Leno and wanted to know  ‘would he like to buy it’?   Would he what, and wouldn’t you.
Turned out she lived just a few blocks away and Jay had never ever seen the car on the road.  It happens.

Join Jay and John Cashman – John is an expert on Lincolns and really knows them inside out as they discuss this Lincoln and Lincolns in general.
If you have a Lincoln John is the man to sort out any problems you have and it is certainly interesting listening to Jay and John as they discuss common problems and the factory improvements.
The power convertible top is very complex and draws a lot of current from the battery, so really you need to have the engine running.
But even more complex on the Lincoln Continental convertible are the power windows as you will see in the video.

The Lincoln Continental is a heavy car at 5,800 pounds, and being uni body is a very strong type of construction.
Engine is 462 cubic inch, with wedge top shaped pistons as combustion took place in the block, not the head as is usual.
Fuel economy, well you don’t mention this but you might get 8 mpg going downhill.  Then again if you could afford to buy and maintain one fuel economy is not what you would enquire about.

The Lincoln name was founded in 1917 by Henry Leland, and was taken over by Henry Ford in 1922.
In my early years I recall a local guy had 1938 4 door Lincoln sedan.  Apparently the V12 had a bad habit of overheating the two rear cylinders on each side and this guy had removed the 4 pistons and con rods, and I presume put plates to seal off the inlet manifold and also plug the big end crankshaft oil ways.  Cant remember what it sounded like firing just on 8 cylinders but he was quite happy with the way it ran.

A time of writing this video had been release only 6 days earlier.

Thanks to Jay Leno’s Garage,for a great video. Photos are video screen shots