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1959 Cadillac

1959 Cadillac

A magnificent looking car, the 1959 Cadillac was right in the middle of the war between their and the Chrysler designers as to who could incorporate the biggest and most outlandish looking rear fins on their cars.
The design war stepped up to the mark in a serious way in the early 1950’s as the jet age took hold and influenced car design. Not a bad thing actually as it made designers more aware of the value of aerodynamics and how wind tunnel testing a design could pinpoint areas that needed more attention to achieve less wind resistance to improve both the cars performance and fuel economy.
By 1959 the ‘fin war’  had reached its peak but by 1964 – 65 fins had all but disappeared.

Certainly would never so no to parking this in my garage, permanently.

Thanks to RidesWithChuck for this video of a fabulous car, and to Wikipedia.

The 3rd generation Eldorado’s were made in the years 1959 -1965 with convertible and hardtop style options.  Powered by a 365 cub in V8 putting out 345hp, automatic transmission was a 4 speed Hydromatic.
Coming with a long list of standard equipment you would expect in a luxury car, with options,  weight was 5000 lb to 5500 lb.
To ensure all its bases were covered in 1957 Cadillac introduced the Eldorado Brougham with numerous features including quad headlights and a rather troublesome air suspension.
This car was in limited production, hand built and costing around double the standard Eldorado at $13,074.

The other line of Cadillac’s in 1959 was the 5th generation Series 62 made in the years 1959 to 1964.
These were slightly lighter at 4800 lbs to 5300 lbs.
Power was 325 hp from the 390 cub in V8 coupled to the 4 speed Hydromatic transmission.
Performance was 0 to 60 mph in 12 seconds, gas mileage at an average of around 8 mpg.
Sales took a big dive at 70,736 for 1959, the lowest since the 1950 model release.

1957 saw the introduction of a tubular X-frame but without side rails.  This allowed for a lower body without losing any interior space.   Rubber bumper guard tips were added to the front with the lower bumper section having circular style dual lamps set in.
Cadillacs often feature in barn finds,  and are very popular with custom car fans.