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1957 Chevy 210

1957 Chevy 210

During 1956 and 1957 General Motors produced fine looking cars, especially Chevrolet, Buick and Oldsmobile, and this  1957 Chevy 210 is no exception.
Sure this one has been modified and dressed up a wee bit, and that is part of the attraction.  Some minor changes in appearance, add a decent set of wheels and you have a car that will always attract attention.
Update the running gear, suspension,  brakes and steering and you have a winner and a car that is a pleasure to drive and travel in.

A father and son project with an interesting story attached in this just released video.

Special thanks to Jay Leno for this walk-around and road review. Photos are video screen shots.
Thank you also to Wikipedia for information.

During 1957   Chevy’s were available in 8 body styles:  2 and 4 door sedan, hardtop and station wagon,  and 2 door only convertible and sedan delivery.
Motor choice of either 235 cub in 6 cylinder,  265 cub in V8 or 283 cub in V8 with choice of 2 or 4 barrel carburetor.
Transmission choices were 3 speed manual with optional overdrive, Powerglide auto or Turboglide auto.

There were many power options available such as power steering, power brakes, power windows and seats were also available as well as a power radio antenna.
Air conditioning was also on offer.
An interesting device at the time automatically dimmed the headlights for oncoming traffic.  Another interesting item was a dashboard-mounted traffic-light viewer.  The roof line went well forward of the driver and made it awkward for the driver to see overhead lights.  This was a plastic visor fitted above the speedo where it showed a reflection of the overhead traffic lights saving the driver having to lean forward to see where the lights were at.

In 1957, Chevrolet started to add safety features such as “crash proof door locks[10] “(first added in 1956), padded dash boards, safety-styled steering wheel with a recessed hub[11] (though not as much as Ford’s), seat belts(also first in 1956[12]) and shoulder harnesses.[13][14] However, unlike Ford, Chevrolet did not promote these safety features heavily. Source

In fact the 1957 Chevrolet did not produce the sales General Motors were expecting with the 1957 Ford range being more popular.
Today however it is the exact opposite as the 1957 Chevy is the much more collectible car and is reflected in todays price comparison between the two.