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1954 Jaguar XK120

Another car from Jay’s garage, a 1954 Jaguar XK120 fixed head coupe. This is the M [for modified] model, motor having a little more power.
What I really like with car videos from Jay is he gives an accurate description plus if possible a drive on the road. The Jaguar XK120 came in 2 body styles, originally roadster only, and in 1951 also as a fixed head coupe like this one.

Released in 1948 the Jaguar XK120 was revolutionary, exceptional value, faster and more beautiful than any of its opposition,  it became a legendary record breaker of numerous speed and distance records, once averaging 100mph for a whole week. With a top speed in road trim of 120mph, tested at 135mph with a racing windscreen and tonneau cover it was a very popular racing and rally car.  Motor was  a twin OHC 3.4litre, later increased to 3.8litre and 4.2litre, this unstressed motor powered many Jaguar saloons and sports cars up till 1992.

Personally Jaguar have always been  a favourite car of mine.  For everyday family use we had a Series1 XJ6, and later a Series3 XJ6, both very quick and comfortable to drive especially long distance. As a project car had a 1948 MK 5 with the 3.5litre OHV motor as used in the later SS100.  I sold the MK5 to a Jaguar museum where it was fully restored and often hired out as a wedding car.