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1953 Mercedes Benz 170Sb

1953 Mercedes Benz 170Sb

No doubt this 1953 Mercedes Benz 170Sb is a grand old lady in beautiful condition, and as a bonus you get to see some Swedish countryside.
For a 1953 model obviously Mercedes at this time were still quite old-fashioned in their styling department as this cars shape compares directly with their pre-war models.
It did seem to cruise nicely on the road at 110kph but could prove low on power when it comes to overtaking and climbing hills.

The 170 S was built from 1949 to 1955, it was an upgrade from the previous model, a 170V,  and was marketed as a luxury car, “S” standing for “Special’ . Consequently it gained popularity as a company car,  and also later as a taxi.
Engine was a side valve 4 cylinder 1767cc based on the smaller capacity 170V engine,  along with a 4 speed syncromesh gearbox.  Top speed was claimed to be 76mph [122kph] but considering its size and power output the car would need ideal conditions to get to this speed.

Available body styles were 4 door sedan, like the one in this video, and the choice of two cabriolet’s, a 2 seater and a 4 seater.  All up a total of over 70,000 had been built when production stopped on 1955.
In 1952 the 170 S became the 170 Sb with long overdue improvements being made which included:

  • Independent front suspension with coil springs, replaces the lateral leaf spring arrangement.
  • Gear shift is moved from the floor to the steering column.
  • Hypoid gears are used in the differential.
  • Camshaft now chain driven making for a quieter engine.
  • Heater improved to make winter driving more comfortable.
  • The cabriolet models were discontinued.
  • The factory ID code became W191

In addition a diesel engine was introduced, model 170 S-D,  having a top speed of 65 mph [105 kph],  this became popular with the taxi industry due to its economy, and in its final stages accounted for over 80% of the models sales.
By 1955 the car had become noticeably old fashioned both in specifications and looks so production ceased with Mercedes concentrating on their completely new car range and 6 cylinder engines.

Must say was surprised when I saw the engine, and at 2.15 note the speedo is red lined at 90kph.

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