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1949 Ford Custom

1949 Ford Custom

It has been said many times the 1949 Ford Custom was the saviour for Ford.
Henry Ford was an astute man, there is no disputing that but it seemed he hated change  and up to 1949 he was being left in the dust as far as automobile development was concerned.
Around the time the Model A was released it is reported all he wanted to do was continue making Model T’s but when the crunch came his best or only option was to close production of the Model T and concentrate on developing the Model A and it sold well.
But things really moved ahead for Ford with the introduction of the V8 engine, but still they kept with cross spring suspension right up to 1948, and only upgraded to hydraulic brakes in 1939.

The 1949 Ford Custom left this old technology behind,  except for the side valve V8, but they had plenty of company as many American manufacturers still had side valve engines though not for much longer.
The writing was on the wall that overhead valves were the way to go and Ford came out with their 239 cubic inch OHV V8 in 1954 and named it the Y Block.

The 1949 Ford Custom was popular, and was available in many different body styles.  Known as the “Single Spinner” after the shape of the grill, the next model being nick named the
“Twin Spinner” [ grill shape again] and then very briefly there was the “Triple Spinner”.  I have ever only seen one Triple Spinner and I understand this was a temporary upgrade pending the release of the Customline series.

Notice anything different in the grill? An owner has done a modification here.

Special thanks to Retoolschool, photo are video screen shots.

What goes into designing an all new car?  This video shows what was involved in designing the 1949 Ford Custom and getting it ready for production.
In today’s world computers have certainly streamlined this but no doubt there is still a lot of hands on activity to do.

1949 Ford Custom design teams at work

Thank you to Jeff Quitney for this video.

Another actual film at the time, it is silent and bit on the dark side but you get the picture of a 1940’s assembly line.

1949 Ford Custom Assembly Line

Thank you to King Rose Archives

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