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1949 BMW Veritas

1949 BMW Veritas  Unique and Rare


Very few of these 1949 BMW Veritas were made, fewer still exist.  The ones I  found info on are in much same condition as this one.
Built on a 1938 BMW chassis and powered by BMW’s 2 Litre tripple carb 6 cylinder race engine I am picking it would have been a bit of a tempermental handfull on roads other than motorways.
Certainly not what could be called a pretty car it was certainly unique and there a re many classic car collectors who would love to have one of these.
One looking very similar to this sold at auction in Nov.2011 for $195,500.  Dont know if it has or is being restored, but no doubt this would be a very expensive exercise.

Veritas were a West German sports and race car manufacturer from  1949 and ceased production in 1952. Originally known as the BMW Veritas, BMW objected to the use of its name so it was later removed and called just Veritas.  BMW didnt object to Veritas continuing to use BMW components.

If you thought the weirdest Studebaker was ugly, what would you call this?
Plus check out the massive amount of both  front and rear overhang.