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1946 Oldsmobile Coupe

1946 Oldsmobile Coupe

When I came across this Derelict style 1946 Oldsmobile Coupe I was particularly interested as I owned one for a couple of years.
It was more than ‘derelict’ and needed a lot of work to restore, but it was pretty much complete except for the flat head 6 motor.
I considered it be a rare one as where a repaint had mostly peeled off revealing Army colour and the rear window would wind down bought to mind an article I had read once that a small number of Oldsmobile Coupes had been modified this way for Army Officers to be driven in.
I presume the window would wind down so a gunner in the back seat could shoot through the opening if necessary.

This may not be correct but if anyone reading this has information please make a comment on the Facebook page.
I did sell the Oldsmobile along with other cars and a couple motorbikes as I wanted to order a new boat and needed more cash.
I did see the car when finished and it appeared to have been restored to a good standard and motored nicely.
From 1941 to 1946 few if any changes were made by GM and I called my one to be around 1942.

Quite a few videos are appearing from ICON by its principal Jonathan Ward,  and one specialty is Derelict cars,  but in exterior appearance only especially from a distance.
As you get into this video it is surprising the amount of detail ICON put into the finished product, and how they turn an early year vehicle into a modern machine with powerful performance running gear and modern day  handling and braking.
While the dashboard and its switches and controls look original what is fitted in behind is far from it, and includes such niceties as air-conditioning.
Further to keep the interior appearance authentic the original window winder handles now operate  electric windows and the door handles central locking.

ICON have a large selection vehicles waiting restoration especially Broncos and Toyota Landcruisers.
They also produce this very hot Chev Thriftmaster, built from practically all new parts.  Do have a look, it is a beauty and would leave many hot new cars in its wake.


Enjoy this video as you will learn a lot on how a professional will set up a Derelict type car.
Got plenty of grunt too as you will see towards the end.

Big thankyou to Jonathan Ward at ICON for sharing this car.  Photos are video screen shots.