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1941 Plymouth Coupe

1941 Plymouth Coupe Special Deluxe

It isn’t often you come across a 1941 Plymouth Coupe, which apart from a repaint, is still original and appears has
never had any major work done to the 6 cylinder flathead engine.
Donated to Jay Leno’ by its late owner, who wanted to be sure the car would be looked after and kept in this condition.
This is the Special Deluxe model and the bright trim confirms the original owner would have got delivery before Pearl Harbour
was attacked.

Looking back on history the WWII years cost the motoring public  dearly, not just America but all countries who manufactured cars for local supply and export.
This particularly applied to America, as the cars America produced particularly from 1939-1940 thru to the late ’50s were recognised as being amongst the best in the world
at that time.  They were roomy, comfortable, had adequate power and were nice to drive.
Mechanically most were simple to maintain and in case of a breakdown any garage was able to fix them.
Above all else they were stylish, most were well priced due to strong  competition amongst the bigger manufacturers, and they were making good advances in development of new technology.

Business coupes like this were popular with salesmen due the amount of luggage room in the trunk,  and the majority of manufacturers had at least one model coupe available, some had more.
most were front seat only, although some would have a seat of sorts behind as well.
At one stage I had a 1942 Oldsmobile coupe I was intending to restore.  It had been built for the US Army, and  the rear windshield wound down presumably to allow for gunfire from within.
I am told this could have been quite a rare car and possibly assembled in Canada.

Enjoy the video, at 75 years old this car still is smooth and comfortable to drive.