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1939 Ford Coupe

1939 Ford Coupe Deluxe

Rarely would you find a 1939 Ford Coupe Deluxe in such beautiful near original condition as this one, along with its interesting history.
This coupe was up for sale during 2015 for $31,900 at Southern Motors, and I wouldn’t expect it to sit on the car lot for very long
The motor has all the nice warm bits that were popular for this motor including twin carbs mounted on an Offenhouser aluminum intake manifold,  finned Edelbrock heads and exhaust headers.
Nice to see the owner at that time also had the motor balanced so whoever bought this car should have a smooth sweet running V8.  certainly sounded good in the video

Regardless if a sedan, coupe or pick-up truck the ’39 Ford Deluxe was a very attractive looking vehicle, and also a big about turn for Ford as finally they gave in and fitted hydraulic brakes.  Edsel Ford is to be thanked for this as looking at the Ford history surprisingly Henry didnt seem to like anything that meant change.
If he had his way Ford would have kept on making the Model T, and lowering the price whenever the opposition got too close which was what was happening.
Common sense prevailed in the end and Ford shut down car production for 2 years while the Model A was developed,  I understand Edsel designed the body with Henry overseeing the mechanical development.
At one stage Edsel stitched up a deal with Harley Davidson to manufacture a 3 wheeler with a Ford badge but his dirty politics ended when Harley Davidson cancelled the deal.

I can imagine between Henry and Edsel there would have been many “robust discussions” over the type of car mechanically Ford needed to produce, and how it had to look, in order to maintain market share.  It was the late 40’s before cross springs finally gave way to the modern way of IFS, and into the 50’s before Ford OHV V8’s were introduced.
As a teenager I had a 1937 and it was a fine car still in the late 1950’s,  but those brakes!!  They needed constant attention to maintain satisfactory equal braking on each wheel.
An acquaintance had an immaculate 39 Deluxe Coupe and he was the envy of the group.

You are allowed to get green with envy looking at this coupe.

Thanks to Southern Motors for this video, photos are video screen shots.