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!936 – 38 Rolls Royce 25-30HP

!936 – 38 Rolls Royce 25-30HP

Here is a great collection of photos of various body styles of the Rolls Royce 25-30HP,  which is the larger engine version of the previous 20-25HP.
The 25-30HP was produced during the years 1936 to 1938, it was a 6 cylinder 4257cc long stroke F head engine estimated at 115 hp with top speed up to 80 mph.
The engine was mated to a 4 speed gearbox with syncromesh on 3rd and 4th gears only.
Brakes were mechanical servo assisted and both front and rear axles were rigid with half-elliptic springs.  the dampers were hydraulic.
The famous Rolls Royce grill is made up of vertical louvre’s which are thermostatically controlled by engine temperature to open and close. Some earlier models had horizontal louvre’s but these didn’t suit the car appearance wise.

Which one would be your favourite?  Mine is the Coupe CBY3

Rolls Royce only made the rolling chassis, the bodywork and style was the customer’s choice as was the custom in England with the up market cars like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler, Austin Princess, and the main coachbuilders were:

  • Park Ward,   established 1919,   later taken over by Rolls Royce
  • H J Mulliner  established 1897, also taken over by Rolls Royce
  • Arthur Mulliner  established 1887, brother to above
  • Thrupp & Maberly  established  1740
  • Hooper   established 1805

As you can see in the  video many of the bodies were overly large and cumbersome looking, and some look like they would be a ‘one off’.
This type of body would have a detrimental effect on the overall performance of the particular car aas the engine wasnt that big or powerful, while others the bodies were very graceful and nicely proportioned in appearance.
Rolls Royce had a reputation as being very well built and reliable, which they were and this was their main selling point.
But- they were fortunate [for them] to being able to take over Bentley when this company got into financial strife as Bentley was a much superior car and would caused Rolls Royce much grief in the future.

A fact not commonly known is that pre war WW2 certainly, but am not sure from 1945 on,  was each year Rolls Royce would buy the latest model Buick and dissect it to try and establish how Buick could build such a great car at such a comparatively low price.
Buick actually used this fact in some of their advertising, and Rolls Royce earned the nickname by some people as the ‘English Buick’

Thanks to source:
Classic Car Magazine.   A screen shots are from the video.