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1924 Bentley 8L TwinTurbo

1924 Bentley 8L TwinTurbo

1924 Bentley 8L TwinTurbo, owned and built by Jay Leno from Bentley parts he had,  including the rare 8 litre Bentley engine which he fitted into this 3 litre chassis.
I really liked this video as Jay gives a clear description as usual, but also some interesting history of W.O. Bentley and his cars.
Jay has done an excellent job as usual on this car, combining newer technology with the old without seemingly taking away the appeal of these legendary classic cars of the 1920’s

The cars built by WO Bentley are truly legendary and there are Bentley drivers clubs worldwide, and that’s exactly what they do – drive them – not keep them as museum exhibits which is what happens a lot to cars from this era.
Whatever W.O.Bentley designed and built was built to last, this philosophy applied to all the mechanical components in his cars.  If he wanted more power rather than boost up horse power of an existing engine he would build a bigger one, and by 1930 had 4 engines of 3 litre,  4.5 litre, 6.5 litre and 8 litre.

The Bentley cars did well in racing, and won the now world-famous Le Mans 24 hour race in 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929 and 1930,  clocked up many wins at Brooklands, RAC Trophy races, Bentley’s also won the Indianapolis 500 and at many other race tracks which kept the Bentley name in the forefront.
In 1931 Bentley motors went into receivership and was purchaased by Rolls Royce who saw Bentley, in particular the Bentley 8 litre,  as a major threat to the success of their top car the Phantom II.

Clutchless gear changes no problem, but why 2 fuel pumps for only 1 fuel tank?
Find out in this video.

Special thanks to Jay Leno’s Garage for sharing this Bentley. Screen shots are from the video.