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10 Rarest Cars

10 Rarest Cars

An interesting selection considered to be the 10 Rarest Cars in the world, and great collectors items if you can afford the millions of dollars these cars will fetch if they ever come up for sale.
Some are the only one in existence either because only one was ever made, or only a very small number manufactured, like barely if at all double digits.
Like the 1904 15hp Rolls Royce.  Only 6 of these 3 cylinder 3000cc were made and is the only known one still remaining.
With an estimated value of $35 million I can’t see the owner ever wanting to drive it on public roads.
I know of a local guy who has 3 Rolls Royce Silver Ghosts, I think 1918 to 1922 models, beautifully restored and these go out on the road at times.  Good to see them being used.

There is a good cross selection of cars in this pick from the main auto manufacturing countries up to the late 1950’s.
America is well represented with a 1954 Packard Panther, 1948 Tucker, total production 51 cars,  and a 1954 Oldsmobile F88.

England has an Aston Martin Bulldog, and a 1904 Rolls Royce.

Italy a $10 million Ferrari 250GT.

Germany the Gull Wing Mercedes 300SL, and a Porsche 915, were only 11 of these unusual style for a Porsche made.

France is represented with a Talbot Lago,  beautiful looking car, and a 1921 Helica De Leyat.  Most unusual and dangerously fast for a flimsy looking plywood car weighing just 550 pounds.
Just 30 were built between 1919 and 1925,  These were pulled along by a front mounted propeller, some with 2 blades others with 4 blades.
Would be real messy in a head on collision especially with a horse or pedestrian.  In 1926 one was timed at 106 mph.

Rare vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, like this 1915 Militaire motor bike.

This Oldsmobile is my pick, but if it ever came up for sale my checkbook wouldn’t be big enough

Thanks to Top10 and Wikipedia for the info in this post. Photos are screen shots.