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Twin Engine Cadillac Eldorado

Twin Engine Cadillac Eldorado

Now here is a custom car with a difference.
Take 2 1976 Cadillac Eldorado’s convertibles, take the engine and transmission out of one and fit it into the back of the other and presto – you have a Twin Engine Cadillac Eldorado.
Then you put a decent set of tires on it like Maxxis Tires,  head for the desert and go have a whole lot of fun.
Go it did too, with a 1000 cubic inch’s of engine capacity plus all wheel drive this twin engine Cadillac Eldorado was not destined to be slow and would need more than a loose desert track to stop it.

This is exactly what Fred and Dave from Dirt Every Day did and it really wasn’t too difficult a job with the Cady being front wheel drive.
Lock up the steering for the rear engine unit, a bit of cutting, welding, wiring and plumbing and you are virtually good to go, bit like the guys who did the same to this Mini.
What I did notice was it was very dirty to drive.
With no cover over the rear engine the amount of dust being sucked into the car was considerable and I guess the guys and camera crew would have run off a few gallons of water in the shower when they got back to Palm Springs.
Plus the camera would be in need of lots TLC.

Dirt Every Day I often feature in my Jeep News site,  and also in my Chevy Pickup one.
Immediately after this video is finished if you click on this link it will take you to the sequel about the X Army Pickup they bought some time ago and have now modified.
If you are into off roading then this is a must see, it is real rugged.

If you are interested in modified Cadillacs check this one out.

Thank you to the Motor Trend Channel for this video.  Photos are video screen shots.