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Morgan EV3 Test Drive

Morgan EV3 Test Drive

Here it is, a Morgan EV3 Test Drive video.  This video was made in October 2015 and the body on this test car is different to the EV3 to be released later this year.
I havent any performance figures but out on the road the Morgan does accelerate very quickly and whiz down the straights at what appears to be a good turn of speed.
The weight of the car is discussed, it is 500kg,  or half a tonne so is quite light.

A full charge of the batteries takes 4 hours, not a fast process, but it will travel up to 150 miles on a charge.
Although not mentioned I expect when on the overrun the motor will put charge back into the batteries, and the exact miles you could cover on a charge will depend on how hard you drive it, and the terrain.  Same rules as for a tank of gas.

A minus for the Morgan EV3 is lack of weather protection, consequently it will appeal more as a fun car rather than everyday transport, and Morgan say they are only going to produce low numbers.
Morgan do have very loyal customers who will keep coming back to re order new cars, they like to keep their sales exclusive and maintain a waiting list of several months so I guess this is one way of doing it.
Regardless I’ll bet there are plenty car manufacturers who wish they could do the same thing.
However I am surprised when considering in 2012 they produced the experimental Plus E they might have carried on and picked one of the Aero models to battery power.  Perhaps this is to come when the EV3 is perfected.
I expect most sales will be in the UK, probably a few into Europe, plus a news item this morning saying Australia are interested in a few,  and that they are expected to cost in excess of $90,000.  Ouch, that’s steep and  more than say a Mustang,  Corvette or similar. I am presuming this was a misprint

Acceleration – 0 to 60mph in under 10 seconds, pretty good.

Special thanks to FullyChargedShow for this video. The screen shot is from the video

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