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Morgan 3 Wheeler

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Lets look at this one, a new Morgan 3 Wheeler with performance to match many ‘hot cars’.
Not yet a classic but any Morgan will quickly become a classic because of their reputation in this respect, and also the scarcity factor because if you want a new Morgan be prepared to wait for over 6 months for it.

Morgan manufactured in 1911 its first 3 wheeler powered by a motorcycle V twin engine, and continued this model up to 1939.
Perhaps looked upon by the British as one step better than a motorcycle and sidecar, and having far better performance than the English version of the Model T,  the well known Austin 7.
The factor in favour of the Austin 7 was it had better weather protection, although Morgan took away this argument when it introduced its F4 model.

In 1932 Morgan produced the F4 model 3 wheeler, ceasing production in 1952.  This still had 3 wheels but came with a 4 seater body and powered by the Ford Y engine. This engine powered the 8hp and 10hp Ford Model Y, in appearance like a scaled down ’35 Ford V8.
Morgan was also starting to make a name for itself with a 4 wheel sports car which were doing very well on the race track, valuable experience for Morgan’s R & D while creating a whole new group of enthusiasts for the company.

In 2011 Morgan announced its new generation 3 wheeler powered by a S&S V Twin 2000cc engine married to a 5 speed Mazda gearbox,  more than a spritely performer with 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and top speed 115 mph.
Designed with the American market in mind it was originally mooted to have a Harley Davidson engine but this didn’t eventuate.  In America it is classed as a motorcycle.

Not cheap at GBP30,000 but what fun to drive, as you will see in this video.

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