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Henry Ford and His Model T

Henry Ford and His Model T

This documentary ia all about Henry Ford and His Model T, one of the greatest classic cars of all time.
This has a lot of historical film, and much history of Henry Ford himself from his early school days up till when he died in 1947.

Ford wasnt an inventor but a pioneer.
Like most pioneers he had to learn and experiment on the fly, and study, learn and put into practice he certainly did, being most famous for his moving assembly line. He didnt invent this, more it was he improved on it.
This actually created big problems for Ford in the early days with very high staff turnover due to worker boredom from doing repetitious work day in day out.
Which meant for every 100 workers he needed the company would have to employ 300.  Ford overcame this in a spectacular fashion when he announced he would pay double at $5 per day, later followed by profit sharing for suitable employees and then introduced the 40 hour week.

Ford was known to be very stubborn and it was  a long time before he would accept to survive he would have to progress with the times.
This mainly came about in 1926 with the sales of the Model T rapidly dropping off due to his competition offering cars far more modern in design and performance than the Model T.

By the mid-1920s, sales of the Model T began to decline due to rising competition. Other auto makers offered payment plans through which consumers could buy their cars, which usually included more modern mechanical features and styling not available with the Model T. Despite urgings from Edsel, Henry refused to incorporate new features into the Model T or to form a customer credit plan.
By 1926, flagging sales of the Model T finally convinced Henry to make a new model. He pursued the project with a great deal of technical expertise in design of the engine, chassis, and other mechanical necessities, while leaving the body design to his son. Edsel also managed to prevail over his father’s initial objections in the inclusion of a sliding-shift transmission.

The result was the successful Ford Model A, introduced in December 1927 and produced through 1931, with a total output of more than 4 million. Subsequently, the Ford company adopted an annual model change system similar to that recently pioneered by its competitor General Motors (and still in use by automakers today). Not until the 1930s did Ford overcome his objection to finance companies, and the Ford-owned Universal Credit Corporation became a major car-financing operation.   Source:

Always on the go to both be more efficient and reduce costs, in 1908 the Model T cost $825, in 1916 it was $360.
By 1927 when the Model T stopped production  15,007,034 had been sold, a whopping 50% of all car sales in the USA.
Henry Ford and his Model T bought the car to the people, and the people to car ownership.

Henry Ford revolutionised employer-employee relationship, then it all turned to custard.

Great documentary and video from BokMTv. Photos are taken from the video.