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Clean Your Classic Car

Clean Your Classic Car

To have a professional Clean Your Classic Car can cost hundred dollars or more, depending on the standard of finish you are wanting.
Actually detailing would be a better description of what you are going to learn here,  detailing is more than just a clean and polish as it is to ensure the car is presented in the best possible way where ever you might look at it.
Perhaps it is for a personal appearance like a wedding, a car show, a concurs event or perhaps the car is coming up for sale, whatever it is like all trades there are tricks and tips on how to get the best result in the most economic way, both ion time on the job and the cost for materials.

For many people their classic or custom car could be their second biggest investment next to their house property, and most do the task of keeping the car looking cared for and presentable themselves.

When I came across this video I could see it had many tips in it that would be of interest and help to visitors to this website, plus the ‘do’s and dont’s” that go with most activities.
Looking at what Richard the Perfection guy has in his van no special tools are required as today most people will have what he used, except perhaps the high airflow hot air gun, but a high capacity hair dryer would do the job of drying out parts you don’t want to stay wet without taking too long.

This is what a professional does and uses to get a car presenting its best.

Special thanks to Harry’s Garage for arranging this video. Photos are video screen shots.