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Chevrolet Advert In The 1950’s

Chevrolet Advert In The 1950’s

Advertizing like this Chevrolet advert in the 1950’s was the start of a new era both in automobiles and advertizing, with big advances taking place.
Like this Chevy advert of early 1950  there is no comparison between say a 1951 model car, and a 1955 model, as even in just those 4 short years body style and specifications had changed so much and quickly the style and methods of advertising was in overdrive to keep up with this progress, and at same time convince the buying public their make of car was better than the opposition ones.

During the 1950’s-60’s and into the 70’s I think it is safe to say most manufacturers were honest enough not exaggerate their advertising too much,  and genuinely endeavoured to build better automobiles.
More emphasis was being placed on safety, strength and comfort, and now that WW2 is gone and the auto industry has got itself back on track all stops are pulled as research and development progress gets into fast track mode.
By the mid 1950’s many manufacturers advertising was geared towards creating the “wow factor” of their cars, and looking to increasingly attract the female population.

But there was also a downside.
Many long term popular manufactures like Packard, Studebaker, Hudson, Nash, Willys and others who did a mammoth job supporting the war effort unfortunately started to develop financial problems in trying to keep up with progress in car design, and the need to develop more efficient assembly plants,
This forced some to join together like Studebaker-Packard but slowly they went broke resulting in the American auto industry being left with just the big 3, Chrysler, General Motors and Ford.
Ford seemed reluctant to modernize their line up but soon snapped out of the doldrums once they did, and Chrysler and General Motors target advertising paid them handsomely.

Then came the horse power race,  but that’s another story.
On a happy note just about all makes of American cars manufactured up to and beyond the 60’s are true classics with many being restored regardless of cost.

There is good documentary here of a 1950 body assembly line at work, and a crash test at the end.