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49 Cadillac Custom Convertible

49 Cadillac Custom Convertible

Absolutely magnificent is the only way to describe this 49 Cadillac Custom Convertible, named the Golden Empress
Scottie sure picked a cool car to feature in this video.
The Cadillac is customized, it is very tastefully done and doesnt yell out ‘hey look at me I’m different” like radical ones can do.
It attracts attention because of its clean uncluttered body, looks much like standard, and of course the color.
Would love to hear it running as I bet it sounds real good too.

Check out Scotties video, then read more about this car below.
Plus at the bottom of this page is a second video of an interview with the owner where he describes in detail the cars features and how it came about.

The Golden Empress was designed and built by Chris Ryan, Ryan’s Rod and Custom, for his wife.
Like many American cars made from the late 40’s to end of the 50’s in particular lent themselves really nicely to customizing and this is very evident when you go to car shows like this one.
This Cadillac still has original hub caps, is powered by a 1959 Cadillac 390 cub in engine with 4 Stromberg’s, seats are ex Thunderbird, and the only major modification from standard is the Accuair Air Suspension with eLevel remote control.
As Chris said this is simple, just select 2 on the remote for normal use and it takes care of itself.
Saves the driver having to worry about having the correct pressure settings, making driving much easier for his wife.

Special thanks for this video – All photos are screen shots from the video.

You can see a short interview with Chris here in this video:

where he discusses the 49 Cadillac Custom Convertible with Del Uschenko and how he came to build it.

Here is another  stunning Custom Car video,  and this 1951 Fastback beauty.


Cadillac Empress Photo