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47 Chrysler Woody Rebuild Pt1

47 Chrysler Woody Rebuild Pt1

Here is episode #1 of this 47 Chrysler Woody Rebuild. It is to completed to concours condition which means as much as is possible the car is to restored to exactly as it was when it came from the dealer.
No easy task as this involves matching up even the bolts and washers to the originals, and having the original part number showing on many items where applicable.
Certainly not made any easier when you consider  while this is a 47 Chrysler Woody, they were manufactured over a 3 year period from 1946 to 1948 and there would be numerous small alterations made over that time.  Consequently it could be very difficult to say “this part is original”  or  “not original” and I often wonder what sort of arguments the judges get into at times.

My previous post reviews this car after the restoration was finished, and as Scottie had prior followed the restoration progress from day one with visits to Larry  Griffey’s workshop.
He produced a video of each visit, so it was an excellent opportunity  to show viewers what is involved in restoring a car like this.
Another plus with videos like this is it gives viewers a first hand documentary of the skills and workmanship of  guys like Larry.
Scottie certainly sniffs out some beautiful cars at times,  like this truly remarkable custom 49 Cadillac convertible. and others I have made posts on.

Back to the 47 Chrysler Woody taking the body off the frame is not a simple job as you will see explained in the videos.
Another big but essential task is photographing, documenting and baging every single part – including screws – so there can be no mistakes when it comes to re-assembly.
I found that out the hard way when I did a full restoration on a Jaguar XJ6 I owned, and then later wasted a lot of time sorting out where the small ‘bits n pieces’ belong.
Thinking I’ll remember might sound good, but only at the time not 8 months later!

This first video is a prelude showing and discussing the car prior to starting the rebuild.

Please continue to the page below and see how the next stage is tackled.