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2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT

While not a classic car – yet – but this 2017 Ford GT that Jay Leno has just bought will be, sooner or later.
At $500,000 it certainly isn’t a volume production,

This is the 2nd generation Ford GT and its production run started 2016 and is expected to finish 2020 making an anticipated 250 cars per year.
Originally known as the Ford GT40 which Ford developed to teach Ferrari a lesson after Ferrari back pedaled on talks with Ford to take over Ferrari.
Ford made such a good job of the GT40 it became a 4 time winner of LeMans, which must have hurt Ferrari’s pride immensely.
There was some controversy over the rights to the GT40 name so in 2004 when Ford released the 1st generation Ford GT they dropped the ’40’ off GT.

Watching and listening to Jay talk about what you need to do to able to buy a super car like this, and the box of tricks you get from Ford so you can set the car up how you want it.
In the box are samples for choosing interior and exterior colors, choice of wheels along with the various options and upgrades that are available.
Also you get to see some of the photos Ford sent while the car is being hand-built in what appears to be a virtually sterile workshop.  Would be an amazing experience to work here, for sure.

Jay’s comment on what happens when selecting “Track Mode” is very interesting.

Thank you to Jay for sharing this video, and the one below. Photos are video screen shots.

The next video below is the latest report of progress on some of the various vehicles Jay Leno has undergoing restoration in his workshop.
You get a tour around eight cars, including an early model Falcon, a Rolls Royce with a V16 Merlin engine, and a Bugatti coupe.

For the motorbike guys there are Jay’s SS100 Brough Superiors, these are still rated as the bike to own.
Lawrence of Arabia fame owned 7 Brough’s, he died in a crash while riding one,  and just before he could take delivery of his number 7.
Plus Jay has a Aerial Square 4 completed. These were a great bike and back in 1957 when I was much younger but not really silly I had a new Square 4 on order but in the end got tired of waiting for it and cancelled.
Perhaps that was a blessing in disguise as I later found that the two rear cylinders were prone to badly overheating, as was often the case with straight line 4’s.

A stroll through Jay’s workshop is always a treat,  keep looking around as you go.