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1965 Ringbrothers Mustang

1965 Ringbrothers Mustang

The ’65 Mustang would still be the best looking Mustang ever and this hot 1965 Ringbrothers Mustang is no different. Well it is quite different really and you need to look at this just released video [Nov 11 2015] and see what is here.

The body is all carbon fibre, 2″ wider on the guards and doors, weighs just 180 pounds, is mounted onto the steel platform but still uses all the standard Mustang glass. You can buy a body, and they make a standard replica too. Jay Leno and Mike and Jim, the Ring brothers give an excellent documentary about the car and give it a decent road run.  The exhaust note is so good Jay has difficulty keeping a steady foot on the go pedal, and must admit I would too.

The Ring brothers are noted for producing very interesting custom cars, that not only look good to most people, but will get up and really go when told to. But if you are a fanatical Ford fan you will need to skip tthe bit where the engine is discussed, it wont do your blood pressure any good at all.
One thing I like about many of Jay’s videos is as the camera is panned you get glimpses of all sorts of interesting vehicles, and I am finding many have quite a story behind them.
I am always on the lookout for interesting cars so keep watching, better still get on my email list.

There are 2 burnouts at the end, Jay takes it a bit easy but Mike gives it heaps.