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1957 Buick Convertible

1957 Buick Convertible, 100% Original

This classic 1957 Buick Convertible from Jay Leno’s garage is absolutely original and in such good condition that restoring it is not a consideration and would detract the cars value.
Buick, especially those models produced in the late 1930’s to the early 1960’s, are certainly classic cars and are keenly sought after.
Especially 100% original mint examples like this one.

Incorporated in 1903 Buick was a major player in the development of the automobile in the USA and exported to many countries.
By the 1930’s Buick styling was recognized being amongst the best, this was especially so up till the late 1950″s,  and my favourites were the 1939 and 1957 models.

In 1931 Buick introduced its revolutionary OHV Staight 8 motor which continued in production to end of 1952, which by then was 168hp when it was replaced with a choice of various V8 motors produced by General Motors, although the 1953 Buick Special continued to use the Straight 8 motor just for that year.

Take a few minutes and enjoy the video and this honey of a car:

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