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1951 Hudson Hornet

1951 Hudson Hornet

Here is a 1951 Hudson Hornet that was a one owner car until recently when Jay bought it.  It had over 300,000 miles showing, and it is a rarity for a car this old to still be so original. .
2 years later when the original owners wife was now 93 years old Jay took the Hudson back to show her after he had done a resto job on it..

While Jay didn’t really want the car when it was first offered to him, as he says often it a case of buying the story as much as the car.
Originally green restoration included repainting it 2 tone yellow.  Looks real nice, but personally I like the original green as shown in the original photo above.

There is no doubt this model Hudson is a very desirable car, it has attractive lines and could put on a good show of speed for its year when pushed. Hudson’s in the 1950″s had a reputation as being amongst the best American cars for both handling and top speed.

Come for a ride, meet the family and hear some of its interesting history.